Ko’Kasi Hotspot – Rollout Partner Program


Empower your community with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity! Join Ko’Kasi Hotspot’s Partner Program to become a local ISP, offering reliable internet access and earning income. Includes an EAP225 Outdoor AC1200 Access Point, full setup, and Wi-Fi vouchers for local distribution or resale. Please note: the program does not include broadband internet lines or associated subscription fees, which partners are responsible for arranging independently.


Empower Your Community with High-Speed Wi-Fi Connectivity!

Become a Local ISP with Ko’Kasi Hotspot’s Location Rollout Partner Program. This program allows you to provide reliable Wi-Fi internet access to your neighborhood and generate income while doing so.

What You Receive:

  • EAP225 Outdoor AC1200 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Gigabit Access Point
  • Full Configuration & Installation
  • Wi-Fi Vouchers to Distribute Directly to Your Local Businesses or Re-sell to End Users

Income Breakdown:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee per User: R399
  • Excludes initial 3 months for setup and admin costs
  • Profit Period: 9 months
  • Potential income per site with 10 subscribers: R35,910
  • Partner’s Share: R17,955 (50% split)

Join Ko’Kasi Hotspot’s Partner Program today and make a difference in your community while earning a significant return on investment!



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