Ko’Kasi Hotspot – Wi-Fi Truck™ Hire


Bring Pop-Up Wi-Fi to your events or functions with Ko’Kasi Hotspot – Wi-Fi Truck™

*Daily rate


Ko’Kasi Hotspot’s Wi-Fi Truck™ is mainly targeted at brands and companies that organize and host once off events and functions, to deploy smart Wi-Fi hotspots and provide Internet access to your guests and customers in both indoors or outdoors settings.

This introduces new opportunities for your brand including Customer Engagement, Innovative Wi-Fi Marketing, Branding and Advertising.

Deploying Wi-Fi to your event is ultimately about providing convenience and Internet access to your guests as a value add and improving customer/ user experience (Which is important for any business or brand). Ko’Kasi Hotspot’s Wi-Fi Truck™ gives you three options for users to access the Internet based on your goals for the event/ function.

  • CLICK-THROUGH LOGIN Free Wi-Fi upon viewing ads.
  • VOUCHER LOGIN Make Money with Ko’Kasi Hotspot Wi-Fi voucher sales.
  • EMAIL LOGIN For Mailing Lists & Marketing Opportunity


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